Integrated Services

Because S & B Modular Operations combines expertise with control at every step, we can avoid the expenses and inefficiencies that often accompany a less integrated approach.

Integrated Modular Services

Conceptual Design - Subject Matter Pros plus Modularization Analysis to help you make better decisions
Engineering Design - Custom engineering by experts who understand your needs
Procurement - Reliable response through long-term relationships with our expansive network of suppliers
Fabrication And Assembly - Safe, highly trained teams led by experienced supervisors provide excellent workmanship
Shipping - Easy access to rail, truck and barge from our new modular assembly yard
Installation & Start Up – By choosing S & B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd. your guaranteed success from start to finish

Manage with Certainty®

At S & B, managing with certainty is knowing where we are and where we’re going for every project, all the time. That commitment translates into reliable performance and delivery, products that are durable, made to do exactly what they’re supposed to, and are shipped on time.

Linking electronically with our vendors is just one way that technology helps to achieve that by promoting speed, accuracy and excellence. In addition, our proprietary materials management system provides highly detailed information to help track project material and avoid production delays.


Thanks to long standing alliances between our vendors and subcontractors, your project is always a priority to our suppliers. Our procurement department focuses on SIX disciplines of excellence including Transportation, Expediting, Subcontracts, Materials, Purchasing, and Inspection.

The vendors chosen to perform work are evaluated based on historical performance, compliance, quality, safety and the company’s overall ability to perform. Vendor evaluations are done regularly to maintain constant accountability from the suppliers we depend on to consistently, accurately and safely deliver as promised. These measures are taken to ensure our customers can not only count on our supplier’s quality but they can also trust that they too can meet even the most demanding deadlines.

Quality Assurance

Our on-site quality control department helps ensure defect-free products by monitoring and assessing all facets of fabrication and assembly. Through the use of certified inspectors, vendor surveillance programs, NDE and our proprietary weld tracking database, we can achieve customer satisfaction with the delivery of a consistent and quality product which meets all applicable codes and project specifications.

Quality Assurance in Modular Plants and Skids